To provide a quality primary and secondary education in a Christian environment from a Christian Holiness perspective, endeavoring to instill Godly principles and to build Christ-like character in all students, equipping them with Biblical truth to face an unbelieving world with conviction and courage.

Mt. Zion Bible School (MXBS) is committed to a Christian philosophy education. This means that every facet of the program is conditioned and directed by a Christ-centered Biblical perspective, which is outlined below:

 Ultimate reality is found beyond man in the triune God who created and now sustains all things.

 Man is morally depraved and is dependent upon and answerable to a holy God.

 The Bible, God’s inerrant, authoritative revelation to man, is the essence of truth and is the
integrating factor for the entire curriculum.

 The objective of Christian education is to glorify God through salvation, maturation, and service.

 The school is committed to the support of both the family and the local church—two institutions God established.