Nestled in the beautiful Ozark Mountains and hills, Mt. Zion Bible School opened in 1936 as a Christian Training Center.  Dorm facilities were provided for older students and Junior College classes were available under the auspices of Kansas City College & Bible School, Overland Park, KS.

From these early days students went on to become doctors, preachers, missionaries circling the globe.  International students also studied at Mt. Zion.

Several factors played a part in the closing of the boarding school:  economics, closer Christian schools availability. In 2002 Mt Zion ceased traditional classrooms and implemented the A.C.E. program which is still used today.  Though a smaller student body is present, young people are able to graduate and go on to higher education armed with educational skills and a good Christian principled foundation.

Located on the campus as well, Sunshine Pre-school uses the A-Beka curriculum for pre-school and kindergarten children., which prepares them for entrance into the Lower grades learning center (1st & 2nd grades), and then on to the Learning Center (grades 3-12).
Qualified teachers and staff complement Mt. Zion.  Computer programs are available for testing and student use. 

Home schoolers have found the Music and Physical Education program beneficial to their study qualifications.  This also has afforded them and our regular students, social interaction which is important in a private school setting.